White Terrace

The “White Terrace” being set on the highest point of our location shows up also in a white candor. Our guests may reach it either, from the inside, walking across our fabulous garden and stepping over the stylized lava stone stairway or pacing along the green alley with its magic atmosphere, from where customarily do arrive our spouses.
It hosts in its areas a suggestive fountain made of Modica stone and some marvelous green corners that grant breathtaking glances and indelible memories getting immortalized in a roof garden being embedded in fabulous inlaid lava stone.
Every single corner has been masterfully created ad hoc aiming to grant to our guests the possibility to modulate this location creating different settings, atmospheres and kinds of scenography for any moment of their reception, starting from a civil or symbolic rite, to the welcoming drink and then to the buffet, from the wedding banquet up to the final party. The entire area of our terrace is overtopped by stylized huge sails recalling the fascination of wind lulled kites.
The marvel of those ones coming up for the first time to this corner of paradise is palpable and intense, and the panorama is breathtaking. The sun flaming on the vast fields giving to our landscape an unlimited feature, verdant paths getting fused with the colors of the Nature and the atmosphere soars all rainbow colors.
From our fabulous “White Terrace” it is possible to admire the Enna Hills, those savagely jagged profiles among the Erean Mountains getting mixed with a sky of an intense color …

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“Nothing is uncolored from here above and everything appears in perfect harmony with our valleys’ quietness …”