Wedding Cake

Weddings have been celebrated by all civilizations always with symbols representing richness and fertility, and exactly from these antique symbols took origin wedding cakes as we know them nowadays.
Since the time of ancient Greeks wedding cakes have been kneaded with honey and flavor, but only in the Middle Ages came into life “the high cake”, being created assembling small tiers or biscuits that the guests brought to the banquet. As higher the tower created by these tiers was all the more was the number of people being close to the spouses.

Today’s wedding cakes’ symbolic standards came into life in the Nineteenth century in Anglo-Saxon countries. The circular shape has since ever represented the evocation of divine blessing towards the spouses, as the wedding ring symbolizes since ever an endless promise. All these tiers composing the cake represent a sort of bridal life’s stairways, like an auspice for the spouses to afford together a path made of joy, fortune and love.

In Italy traditional wedding cakes did not awake great consents until the first half of the Twentieth century, in fact wealthy class weddings ended with a simple dessert. But starting from the 50ies this kind of sweet has become the celebrating “symbol” of every wedding banquet of any kind of social class and is considered today a must-have element of any worthy of respect wedding.
Since the Wedding Cake is, together with the bride, the “Queen of the reception”, its magnificence and its more and more refined and endearing style, turns it to a real surprise for all guests and this is the reason why “La Rondine Ricevimenti” pays great importance to the preparation of the same one, keeping in consideration a few important details regarding the wedding’s theme and style, its colors so that they match perfectly with the entire reception.

When preparing the wedding cake the expertized and skillfully hands of our pastry chefs aim to product’s top quality and top scenographic beauty.
Once that the spouses have chosen their type of cake, colors and decorations of any kind our pastry chefs become real artists overdoing any spouses’ expectation.

Decoration methods being used by our pastry chefs are diverse ones, but one of the most diffused technique is to realize them based on sponge cake, Chantilly cream and getting then covered with creamer.

Another very scenographic besides tasty alternative is a fruit cake, covering its surface completely with fruits, preferably red ones like strawberries and wild berries. Additionally, wedding cakes get decorated traditionally with fresh flowers.

Obviously cake topper to put on top of the cake must not be missed!