Exclusive Services

The attention that “La Rondine Ricevimenti” paid since ever to the use of new technologies permitted us to be leader and pioneer in the wedding branch by making available to our guests uncountable technological services.
Among those Live Streaming is doubtless the one that awakens higher interest, actually due to the fact that we are the only ones and the first ones in Italy offering this service allowing so to friends and relatives being impeded to participate to enjoy in real time the magic of any event. All this thanks to a sophisticated camera system positioned in any section of the location (indoor and outdoor) getting proficiently maneuvered, lacking any kind of invasiveness, by the skillfully hands of our operator, who directing from the upper part of the hall does not allow that any instant of the reception slips away.
People being interested can get access to “live streaming” on our web-site being authorized by a password and may interact with congratulation messages and video calls through skype, messages that the spouses will view in real time on our jumbotrons.
Realized filming will be given to the protagonists of the day, who can enjoy and relive, along the time, step by step, any moment they lived during the most beautiful day of their life.

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Furthermore, the use of these two in the vaults integrated coming down and going up foldaway jumbotrons permit all guests to enjoy the most suggestive moments of the wedding remaining comfortably sat at their own table and appreciating what the spouses reserve for them, as for example memory pictures, pre-wedding video and one’s wedding trailer.
A 4K video wall is placed inside the Crystal Hall, at the back of the bride’s and groom’s table allowing to personalize the background and the theme of one’s own wedding reception, either by choosing one’s own personal pictures or through appositively chosen thematic pictures that turn the video wall to a real art painting.