Crystal Hall

The “Crystal Hall” came into fife In 2017 giving origin to a completely new character of the inside of our structure, creating a modern, unique and sophisticated ambient.
The “Crystal Hall” shows up in a refined and elegant dress, in a Total White style, enriched by inlayed embroidered boiserie on the walls recalling a Parisienne Style being so much beloved by Art Déco.
This contemporary style being characterized by its essential lines turns it suitable for any kind of banquet allowing to our future spouses to “dress” it in a personalized manner according to their chosen theme and colours.
Inside it our guests will remain stupefied by the hall’s immensity that thanks to the absence of any architectonic barrier allows all participants to enjoy any single moment of the event.
The whole hall is overtopped by three enormous Empire Style chandeliers being cascade-wise bejeweled by rich crystals turning them so to real stars in an etheric white immensity.
The sophisticated elegance of the hall is outdone by the presence of our marvelous “bride and groom table”, where the transparency’s pureness gets exalted by the design created through the sublime mix of adularescence, that crystal is capable to donate… “We were intended to design a table that would elevate the experience of degustating … that would respect the bride’s and groom’s soul, their personality … we created it to be Your table…”.
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The entire ambient could not have been made precious than by a Lasa marble paving, a marble having a natural beauty, a precious color and structure, matured in millions of years, every single slab becoming an unrepeatable block, every single fragment a unique piece. The hall delights the guests viewing our marvelous garden thanks to immense windowpanes that allow to enjoy copiously that mix of colors and light which only the Nature is capable to donate, turning it so to the ideal place where to celebrate any kind of event, degustating sought gastronomic paths.
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