Cooking concept

Cooking is for us not just cooking, it is an Art…
The world of Culinary Art is to us as fascinating as that one of great music or auteur cinema: it is a true art genre.
“La Rondine Ricevimenti” chefs are creative and eclectic… turning to artificers of actual savor experiences: visionary as sculptors and precise as scientists, our chefs represent the authentic gastronomical avant-garde.

Our food and wine format is based on an accurate selection of Sicilian ingredients, any product coming from our kitchen is prepared by our chefs using zero kilometer top quality ingredients coming from our territory cultivations excelling in the production of some typical products as for example, olive oil, saffron, asparagus and certified organic products like Controlled Origin Designation products and Protected Origin Designation products.

A particular attention is paid on behalf of our chefs to the use of new equipment and to the sought for new innovating cooking procedures that allow any dish to keep unaltered its own organoleptic qualities.
Every phase of our culinary preparation is refined and accurate and we favor low temperature and vacuum cooking methods and love to offer different and innovative choices, starting from the aperitive up to the dessert.

From Earth to Sea our menus tell our territory’s story, our guests sense in the air flavors of a timeless cuisine … our cold cuts let one sense seasoning flavors, our cheeses sapidity and intensity being typical of this place, our meats the wild scent of aromatic herbs, our fish crudité evoke the most authentic sea savors, turning every degustation to a perfect match being capable to satisfy masterfully one’s palate.
The care that our gastronomes dedicate to preparing our first dishes donates to one’s palate the heave of actual seduction being dressed with gourmand elegance.
At our site nothing is left to causality, everything is served in an unmistakable connubial match of elegance and savors.

The possibility to dine every hour allows us to serve several bread types’ excellency; every dough, from the Tumminia one to the Realforte’s, provide to our guests ancestral echoes of deliciousness.

Our meats choice, from local Cinisara to Aberdeen Angus, is the result of a constant and accurate selection aiming to preserve their tenderness, their intrinsic sweetness and safeguarding the sublime suavity of their fat.

Octopus, tuna, Mazzara prawns, clams, grouper, croakers, amberjacks, breams and sea-basses return to life in our dishes telling the sea; our chefs’ expertized hands dedicate actually meticulous attention to the cooking of any flesh exalting their savors, scents and creating a perfect connubial mix between savors and innovation.

The chance to try our cuisine’s variety through the choice of uncountable degustation paths gets sealed by the experience of a journey inside flavors and being then completed by our sophisticated desserts. Prepared as once upon a time our grandmothers did, with simple and genuine ingredients, without preservers guarding the tastes of our Sicilian artisanal pastry.

A great attention has been reserved to the selection of our cellar’s wines, from white wines to red ones, to rosé wines, sparkling wines and champagne.

Niche products and the sought for territorial excellencies have been the main aspects being considered by our sommeliers to serve an extremely surprising food and wine experiment.