Arab garden

The magnificent garden encircling the entire structure delights our guests granting spaces of uncommon beauty in a private collection of plants that create an authentic living archive in which architecture weds sublimely the surrounding green.
The accurate sought for plants and the selection of them inside the garden turn it to a small ornamental botanic garden recalling the elegant Oriental gardens, but revisited in key of our contemporary time. Since the creation of our garden design its founding idea has been to bring together similarities of our Mediterranean flora and let them coexist in an almost utopic manner with the exotic atmosphere of a few rare species of some tropical and subtropical plants and let them so relive on the same soil and under the same sky of “Rondine Ricevimenti”‘s park.
Our guests may delight their sight admiring the beauty of Macrozamia Moorei plants, which are native from Queensland, Australia, of characteristic Chamaerops Humilis, Cupressus Sempervirens, which are typical of our territory, but also, of lush Phoenix Canariensis plants, Dactylifera, Reclinata, and magnificent Yucca Elephantipes that turn our garden to a precious naturalistic treasury.

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It is furthermore possible to admire inside the garden a precious fountain exalting with its scenographic light and water tricks the magic of a location having a green heart that turns any kind of open-air banquet unique and special among Nature’s pureness and enchantment.