Abū Halīl

A new bet in 2020
“It arises out of nothing Abū Halīl and “La Rondine Ricevimenti” has a new, very sophisticated image”.
We desired to design an ambient having a great personality to create something unique capable to elevate new wedding experiences…in this way, starting from inspiration … creation.
location matrimoni

“Here is the point: everything was nothing before, every painting a white canvas, every book an empty page.

Every song only silence. Every building only space. And then arrives… that sparkling, that dream, that note that awakes you in the middle of the night and says: “play me”, something that you have never played before.
The line that says: “draw me”, something that you have never drawn before. And that line…? Becomes a curve that becomes a shape that becomes an idea.

A sparkling that lights up, rhyme sounding from the street … creating to get inspired and put style at the first place. Forging metal… starting from the base and erecting from zero on.
Every bottle uncorks a story, every slip celebrates life.
Life is creation, life is inspiration”.

Life…? Is the maximum that we created from nothing, it is the masterpiece…”

ricevimenti sicilia